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Three (of many) challenges for becoming a digitally transformed British Army

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THEIA, the Army’s digital transformation programme, has grown in scope and ambition since I wrote my last Defence Digital blog post. As the Army seeks to continually develop and evolve, I’d like to explore three of the most challenging aspects …

Engaging with the Circular Economy: Encouraging the re-use of devices

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Even end-of-use Information Technology (IT) has a hidden value that organisations may not have considered, and it’s good for the environment too. One element of the Government’s approach to digital sustainability is to move towards a circular economy, where product life is maximised through …

Understanding online working in Defence: The importance of personas in user research

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Since December 2020, the Mission Platform team has been carrying out user research across the Ministry of Defence (MOD). The Mission Platform team’s aim is to deliver the next generation of cloud, productivity and collaboration capabilities for the MOD. Our …

Programme THEIA: putting the ‘integrated’ into the Integrated Review

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Last month saw the long anticipated Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy published by the government. Amongst the long-term strategic plans, considerable sums of money, and recognition of how we need to adapt to the changing world, …

Readiness Reporting and Deployability Discovery (R2-D2) – the alpha awakens

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Back in January 2020, not long after we finished our Discovery sprint, we posted about a project called Readiness Reporting and Deployability Discovery, or R2-D2 for short. On May the 4th (obviously), we established a complete multi-disciplinary delivery team and …

Sustaining the fight – what we learned in discovery

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In the first of a 3-part series, the Army Design Ops team and Army Digital Services (ADS) Deployed Application Group; who are pioneering user-centred design and design thinking within Defence, share some key insights from working on a discovery phase …

Adapting the Government Digital Service Service Standard for Defence

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The Government Digital Service (GDS) Service Standard supports the development of consistent and user-friendly end-to-end government digital services and is made up of fourteen points, including ‘understand users and their needs’ and ‘make sure everyone can use the service’. Government …