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NELSON - The Royal Navy's Digital & Data Transformation

Kickstarting service assessments in the Royal Navy

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For those working in digital across government, the Service Standard and assessment process will be familiar as a unifying vision of what good looks like for the design, build and running of services. The Government Digital Service (GDS) formally brought …

How we’re fostering collaboration between Royal Navy and US Navy digital delivery teams

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In early August 2020, we started exploring interoperability and interchangeability between Royal Navy and US Navy digital applications. We used a virtual workshop to establish links between two digital delivery teams, test methods for international collaboration and develop deeper technical …

How we are improving architecture governance across NELSON and Navy Digital

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In this blog post, the Royal Navy’s NELSON gives us a behind-the-scenes look at their work to create a new architecture community for Navy Digital. Joining the dots The NELSON Coordination team is helping to meet the Navy Digital and …

Why we set up the Royal Navy Digital and Data Board and how it’s helping to drive innovation

Like much of the Defence community, the Royal Navy is on a digital transformation journey. Initiatives like NELSON and Navy Service Standards are great examples of work underway to build digital and data capabilities from the ground up. At the …